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How to ensure your loved one's receiving the oxygen therapy they need with Smart Alert Tech

Make sure that your oxygen concentrator or CPAP is operational and alert family or carers to interruptions in service with our Smart Plug, subscription free.

The Smart Alert Tech Smart Plug is a truly versatile product that can be paired with virtually any electronic device. But I want to discuss the - potentially life-saving, definitely life-enhancing - combination of our Smart Alert Tech and oxygen concentrators.

An at home oxygen concentrator could be used at home for a variety of reasons including, asthma, COPD, lung diseases, Covid-19, cystic fibrosis or pneumonia. Some people need to have oxygen therapy through the day or at night for acute illnesses, but they’re particularly important for people chronic conditions. In any case it is imperative that their machine is in working order.

During inclement weather and storms, whether they be hurricanes or blizzards, the electricity to your property may be interrupted. In many cases this can mean you’re without electricity for a few days, which will be a real concern for those that depend on an in home oxygen concentrator. In these instances, Smart Alert Tech’s Smart Plug can inform your whole family, friends, care workers and everyone in your support network to the loss of electricity to your property. Our dedicated App will detect the loss of power straight away and notify every person paired to your account. This way your loved ones can intervene and ensure your safety and health.

Further, you can also set a timer on our App for the timeframe that the oxygen concentrator is usually powered on and in use. If power isn’t detected as normal by our Smart Plug during that timeframe, your friends and family will be immediately alerted to the potential problem. They can then make sure you’re okay and that you’re receiving the oxygen therapy you need.

On a similar note, you could utilize our Smart Plug, paired to a CPAP machine for the same reasons outlined above. Especially because this machine is used primarily while you’re sleeping, you might not notice that the device has stopped working. Our App would alert the pertinent carers in your life to the problem and they can get in touch to make certain you’re safe.

With Smart Alert Tech, no news is good news. If you go about your daily routine without major changes, no one will be pestered by constant notifications. It’s simple and discreet.

You can learn more here, or buy a Smart Alert Smart Plug here. Save big with your local dealer here.


Our service is absolutely SUBSCRIPTION FREE, with no additional charges, free App, no monthly monitoring fees.


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