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Get Free or Affordable Wi-Fi Through New Government Program

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

It's now easier than ever to add Smart Alert Tech to your home.

For a one time fee and inexpensive internet access, Smart Alert Tech may be the best way to keep an eye on any one from your elderly parents to a family member living alone.

Although many households have access to their own private Wi-Fi networks, we recognize that for those that do not, it can be a barrier to using our products. With that in mind we are thrilled to share some resources offered by the government and also by organizations that believe internet access is a basic utility that everyone should have access to.

The current administration revealed a new program (Affordable Connectivity Program) to ensure that those who qualify can get either free or heavily discounted internet access in their homes. With so many people working remotely, children learning over video chats, medical visits and a variety of other scenarios spurred on by COVID-19, the government felt that this was a priority. Further, many providers are offering speeds of up to 200 megabits per second, no data caps and no throttling. You can learn more about the program and see if you qualify here…

You may apply here…

Additionally many of the biggest internet and cellular providers (AT&T, Verizon, Cox, Xfinity and Metro by T-Mobile) are offering discounted pricing on certain plans to ensure that everyone has the access they need. Specifically AT&T is offering a $30 plan under this program, which will make it free for those who qualify. If you’d like to see providers offering discounts under this program you can check here…

Lifeline is another federal program aimed at providing discounted phone, internet and bundled services. You can find out if you qualify here…

Now that these programs are in place it will make it much easier for families to utilize our innovative products to keep a check on those they love most. And with our App’s functionality you will be alerted to drops in Wi-Fi as well as loss of power. Just one of the many benefits to using Smart Alert Tech Products in your home or those in your care.

As always, there are no hidden fees, expensive central hubs needed, overpriced monthly monitoring fees or dedicated phone lines required. Smart Alert Tech really is the simplest, easiest and most private way to oversee the care of those in need.


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