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Discreetly monitor your loved one's daily, essential routines with the Smart Alert Tech Smart Sensor

Smart Alert Tech's Smart Monitoring System has no monthly fees, activation fees or hidden fees. With the use of our Smart Sensor and proprietary App, you can effortlessly track the essential routines of the people you love most.

The Smart Alert Tech Smart Sensor is the stealthy, easy way to track your loved one’s day - particularly essential routines. One of the most universal and simple ways to make sure, for example, that your Mom got up in the morning and used the bathroom, is to install our Smart Sensor and monitor her routine.

Simply set up your sensor, pair it with your account on our dedicated App and place the Smart Sensor in an appropriate place in Mom’s bathroom. Decide she gets up between 6am and 7am, set that timer on the app and you will be notified if the Smart Sensor does not detect any motion in that time window. But if Mom gets up around the same time, every day, you will not receive notifications and you can take comfort that she’s safe and going about her day. This gives both your family and Mom a sense of security that you’re monitoring her without intrusive cameras, cumbersome wearables and best of all NO MONTHLY FEES. There is also the added versatility of choosing to operate the Smart Sensor with a USB cord and adapter, or with batteries. You will also receive a notification when it is time to change the batteries as well as a notification if the device has been tampered with.

At Smart Alert Tech, we share the frustration that everything seems to have a monthly fees for use of services such as streaming companies, security and virtually every other monitoring system. With new technology coming all the time, we’re excited to offer our completely unique monitoring system that is simple and reasonably priced.

You can learn more here, or buy a Smart Alert Smart Sensor here. Save big with your local dealer here.


Our service is absolutely SUBSCRIPTION FREE, with no additional charges, free App, no monthly monitoring fees.


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