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Smart Alert Tech in the Press - Press Release Distributed

Discreetly Monitor Your Loved Ones from Anywhere, Any Time with Smart Alert Tech - A New, Subscription Free Smart Monitoring System Helping Seniors Stay Home Longer and Age in Place with Dignity.

Empowering families!

Smart Alert Tech is designed to keep check of your loved ones, so you don't have to worry. Our product is a simple and unobtrusive way to monitor the people you love and their daily life - only be alerted to interruptions in their routine. Simply determine your loved one's schedule and select a place to mount the sensor or connect the plug with a device you know is used with regularity. Download our App, pair the plug or sensor, and set an alarm. Only receive a push notification if there's a change in their daily pattern. With our system there are no more costly monthly monitoring services. For a one time fee, families can take comfort and have peace of mind from any where, any time.

Our Wi-Fi enabled, Smart PIR Sensor (Passive InfraRed Sensor) can be placed virtually anywhere with either battery power or plugged in to the wall. This versatile product will constantly check for motion and when it doesn’t detect any within your pre-determined timeframe it will alert all those paired to the app. You can share the App with as many family members, friends and care workers as you would like, ensuring that your loved ones are covered. Our App will also alert you when it is time to change the batteries, or if the sensor has been tampered with, ensuring that your products are always in working order.

Additionally, our Wi-Fi enabled Smart Plug is 120V, 15 Amp and compatible with virtually any A/C household electronic device in your home. Whether it’s a coffee maker, bedside lamp, television or necessary medical devices like at home Oxygen Concentrators and CPAP machines, the possibilities are endless. Our Smart Plug is constantly checking for electric current and when it doesn’t detect any electricity within your pre-determined timeframe it will alert all those paired to the app. Further, our Smart Plug comes with a standard relay switch that will instantly alert everyone paired to the App to breaks in power, Wi-Fi or if the plug becomes disconnected.

Our Patent Pending Smart Monitoring System is completely free of subscriptions or monthly fees, making it an inexpensive way to empower families and friends to keep track of those they love most. For a one time equipment fee, you can have access to this powerful system with no hidden fees, or additional up-charges. You could potentially save thousands every year with our cutting edge system. Smart Alert Tech provides innovative technology to give peace of mind to families everywhere. With the new Smart Monitoring System, only receive notifications when there is cause for concern. No hidden fees, no contracts - just a simple, straightforward way to keep check of those you care for most. Find out more at

For more information, visit the App Store, Google Play Store or the

Smart Alert Tech website. Purchase directly here and here, or find a local dealer here.

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Patent Pending Technology
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