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Top 5 Ways to Use Smart Alert Tech’s Smart Plug

Our Smart Plug can be used with virtually any household electronic. We’ve narrowed down the 5 most effective ways to use Smart Alert Tech to monitor your loved one’s daily life. Because our products are designed to only notify you to breaks in routine, you will not be constantly inundated with notifications and your loved one will not feel as though their privacy is being interrupted. Learn more about our Smart Monitoring System…

1. Television

Most people turn their TV on within a few minutes of waking up, to catch the news or to keep them company. If your family is like ours, it would be very out of the ordinary for them to be up and around without the TV on in the background.

2. Coffee Maker / Electric Kettle

Another morning ritual is a cup of coffee or tea to wake you up. If your loved one isn’t out of bed and enjoying their daily drink, you can be sure that you need to check on them.

3. CPAP Machine / Home Oxygen Concentrator

Those that rely on a CPAP machine to sleep each night or a home oxygen concentrator can really benefit from our Smart Plug because it will show that a) they’re using the machine as they should, b) the power to the property has not been interrupted.

4. Bedside Lamp

As soon as we open our eyes or right before we go to bed at night, most of us turn on our bedside lamp. This simple activity can show that your loved one got up in the morning or made it to bed that night.

5. Toaster / Air Fryer

For many people a bit of toast or a bagel is part of their daily menu. This is another seemingly obvious activity that is an easy way to ensure that your loved one got up in the morning and made it to the kitchen for a bite to eat. Additionally with the popularity of air fryers, many people living alone utilize these to make their dinner, which allows you to track their activities throughout the day.

*Pro Tip: You can also ensure that your loved one has turned OFF their electronic device, for example the air fryer. Individuals living alone with memory issues or other impairments can forget to turn off these devices, which can be dangerous. Our devices give you peace of mind simply by checking your App. Living independently has never been easier or less intrusive.


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