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Top 3 Ways to Use Smart Alert Tech’s Smart Sensor

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Our Smart Sensor is a versatile device that you can stick practically anywhere in your home. It can be used to effortlessly track the movements of those you love and care for most. With the option of battery powered or use of our handy USB charging cord, operating the Smart Sensor is easy and reliable. As an added feature of our App, it will alert you to low battery life, power cuts and loss of Wi-Fi, which will ensure your loved one is never without these necessities.

1. Bathrooms

The most universal of morning and evening rituals is a visit to the bathroom. By placing one of our Smart Sensors in the bathroom a) by the toilet, b) by the shower, c) by the door frame, d) near or inside a medicine cabinet - you can be assured that your loved one was out of bed and made it to the bathroom in a timely manner. This is one of the simplest ways to help people stay independent in their home without being constantly pestered by those looking after them.

2. Stairlifts

For those that need a stairlift or similar device to get up and down the stairs in their home, our Smart Sensor Is a great way to ensure that this device was used with regularity. It would be concerning if your loved one did not use their stairlift to access the kitchen in the morning or to return to their bedroom in the evening. By placing our device behind the seat or on the wall next to the stairlift, you can easily track the movements of those in your care.

3. Next to the Bed

Are you concerned that someone in your care may struggle to get up in the morning or go to bed at night? You can easily track these movements by affixing our Smart Sensor to the bed frame or nearby location. If they don’t get up or go to sleep within the pre-determined timeframe, you’ll be notified and can check in.

With so many users with such varied needs, hopefully our products can help those you love stay in their home with confidence. Tell us how you’re using Smart Alert Tech in the comments!


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