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A new Smart Monitoring System

Smart Alert Tech is designed to keep check of your loved ones, so you don't have to worry. Our product is a simple and unobtrusive way to monitor the people you love and their daily life - only be alerted to interruptions in their routine. 


Subscription Free

No more costly monthly monitoring services. For a one time fee, families can take comfort and have peace of mind from any where, any time.

Peace of Mind

Determine your loved one's schedule and select a place to mount the sensor or connect the plug with a device you know is used with regularity. Download our App, pair the plug or sensor, and set an alarm. Only receive a push notification if there's a change in their daily pattern.

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Endless Compatability


Not Just Any Smart Device


Offline Notifications


Virtual Access

Our Wi-Fi enabled sensor can be placed anywhere and the plug can be used with virtually any household electronic device. Pick a device that is used in daily life and pair it with our Smart Plug.

Although our plug and sensor do have many of the same features as traditional models, our dedicated App and new functionality make Smart Alert Tech an exciting new option to keep your family safe.

If there is an interruption in service, such as a loss of power, Wi-Fi, the plug becomes detached, or the batteries are low in the sensor, you will receive a notification alerting you to the problem.

Change alert times, power on/off, set vacation timers, check electricity usage and more, from any where in the world. Grant access to additional family members, friends or care givers through the App.


Download our App now!


How it works - A simple example

Imagine your elderly mother lives alone in NY, while you live in Florida. You want to keep an eye on her, but not pester her with constant phone calls, invasive "panic buttons" or costly monitoring.

Determine she wakes up between 7-9am and uses her coffee maker every morning.

Plug in your Smart Alert Tech, then the coffee maker. Pair the plug with the app, set an alert from 7am-9am.
If your mother does not use her coffee maker in that timeframe, you and anyone with access to the free app, will receive a push notification that it was not used.

You now know that your mother may need assistance and you can contact her to check in.

"I live in Philadelphia and I now have a real connection with my mom's well being on a daily basis."

Suzanne - Greenwich, CT

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